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Our Story

We would like to share the story of our daughter and how she inspired My Place Learning Centre.

Our daughter was diagnosed with Autism in January of last year. It was a relief to have a partial answer. But the wait for the diagnosis was long and the wait for access to suitable programs was just as frustrating. When we finally go to the top of the list new changes were announced that made her ineligible for the IBI program as she turned five during the wait. The next list we faced was two years long. For her sake, we would not and will not wait. 

Recent changes in publicly offered programs and the subsequent protests of those changes, plus the amendments that followed offered us hope. Then we discovered that the new funding does not allow for Speech Therapy which is exactly what our daughter needs. We were forced to turn to private therapy and were fortunate to find an amazing Speech Therapist. Nevertheless, private therapy is expensive and we know that not everyone is able to afford this. And while we love the individual attention our daughter receives, we also want her to be able to have her social peers.

And that is when we got the idea of My Place. We were able to assemble a group of instructors who all have experience working with children with different abilities. These individuals have worked with children of all ages and are truly passionate about making a difference in someone's life. Please take the time to 'meet the staff'.

My Place Learning Centre

We recognize that the needs of each child is different. And sometimes it is hard to ascertain what is the methodology to pursue. Our staff will offer suggestions and advice on a wide range of programs which will assist your child to develop the necessary social skills and capabilities to deal with his/her daily encounters.

We provide small group sessions where different activities work on skills, promote curiosity and awareness. Our staff will be creating new programs on an ongoing basis. We welcome your feedback so that we may expand and improve upon the programs offered. 

Thank you for your interest in My Place. We hope to see you soon!

Mow and Anna Tea

February 2017

Please note that we are not a childcare facility.  We want you to be comfortable and welcome you to remain on site to enjoy respite in our parent lounge.  Please note that for privacy and other ethical policies, parents are asked to remain in the parent lounge while children are in programs/therapy.