Our Programs

Social Skills*

Does your child have difficulty with conversation and shy away from social situations? This class will work on skills such as asking questions, topic maintenance, taking an interest in others, starting a conversation and more. These skills will be targeted through activities such as book reading, playing board games and role playing real life situations that children are exposed to. We will work on increasing your child's ability to have a meaningful conversation with others! This class is appropriate for language users who are able to communicate independently and are approximately 7 to 10 years old. 

Sensory Play*

Children experience the world through a variety of senses and the brain is required to interpret and organize these senses in order for a person to move and learn. Difficulties with detecting, organizing, and appropriately responding to this sensory information can impact a child’s ability to participate in everyday tasks and can affect their ability to develop skills at the same rate as their peers. This program is designed to slowly introduce a variety of different sensations to children who experience over stimulation of senses or under stimulation of senses. Ages: 3-5 and 6-8 

Literacy & Books*

Reading is a language based skill that impacts a child’s ability to be successful in school. Reading requires understanding of phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency in oral reading, and reading comprehension. Children will be exposed to early skills in the younger group (aged 3-5) such as letter names and sounds, and story re-telling, and for those in the older group (aged 6-8) sight words, reading strategies, and recall of words will be targeted. Ages: 3-5 and 6-8 

Songs & Music*

Music can be used to facilitate the development of speech and language skills by motivating children to take turns in songs and exposing them to various grammatical structures, new vocabulary, and improve their attention to auditory information. 

The repetitive nature of music helps children remember information as they learn the lyrics and repeat them over and over again. The use of music to enhance the development of speech and language skills is supported in research. Ages: 3-5 and 6-8   

Tell Me A Story*

The Tell Me a Story program will work work on a variety of elementary school skills including early literacy, writing, language and recall of information. Children will be exposed to multiple stories within a structured setting (circle and table time) and will learn about the characters and plot. They will be given the opportunity to retell the story both in a written format and interactive activity (puppet play, acting out, etc.) This program is appropriate for children who have a good foundation in language and are approximately 5-7 years of age. Goals targeted in the program include the following: attending to structured activities, increasing vocabulary related to stories, following directions, exposure to letter names/sounds and early words.

 *Developed by our Speech Language Pathologist.  These are very structured programs. They are similar to ones offered in other time slots but they are either taught by an SLP or CDAs supervised by an SLP.  

More Programs

Make & Take: Everything but the Kitchen Sink

Children will explore activities, recipes and materials that they can take away with them when they leave and continue to explore and share with their families. Adults will be provided with opportunities to join in the program, explore with their child and join in the fun!

Sensory Play: It's All About The Process

Children will use various art medium with the intent to explore and try new ways to paint, draw, and sculpt as an expressive way to improve their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing! 

Music & Movement: The Beat Goes On!

Children will use instruments, dance and movement to enhance non-verbal, creative, structural and emotional qualities within themselves and others! 

Science & Discovery

Children will dive into the world of science and discovery exploring everyday materials, science experiments and play to uncover the mystery behind how things work, function, or are made!  

Arts & Crafts

Let your child discover their creative side with Arts and Crafts. This group will let participants develop their fine motor skills while exploring arts and crafts through different mediums such as paint, colouring, beading etc. Visual art and crafting allows children to work on personalized projects in a social setting.  Suggested age: 6 – 8 years  Emerging Arts and Crafts (ages 3 – 5) may be offered based on interest.      

My Printing Group

My printing group is designed for children learning to print the alphabet in school. Writing by hand has been shown to improve creativity and fine motor skills. The instructors will be using a hands-on approach and multisensory tools to integrate the senses in a fun way for children to learn printing.  Suggested age: 6 – 10 years A pre-printing group may be offered for emerging printers (ages 3 – 5) based on interest.